Struggling to lose weight or get into shape?

Don’t have the time to get fit and healthy?

Battling with poor food choices and low energy?

If you’re reading this, I bet one of these describes you, but it doesn’t have to. ​

How Can I Help?

I am a fully qualified personal trainer based in Nottinghamshire. I offer face to face mobile sessions as well as online coaching to help you overcome your daily barriers to fitness and change your lifestyle for good.


I can help you make small, consistent changes to improve your strength, energy, and mood, reduce pain and increase your overall fitness, and boost your confidence in the process. 

My Background

I have been working as a PT for over 5 years now, specialising in ante and post-natal exercise for the last 4 years. I am a working mum and have spent most of this time balancing life with a husband who works shifts, and in recent years fostering young children.

I understand more than anyone that finding the time and energy to change your lifestyle and get fitter is no easy feat – but that is exactly why I want to help others who may be struggling.

I believe in making small, effective changes that allow progression over time and become natural habits within your life. Sustainability is key, and fitness should be something that fits into your life to make improvements, without ever creating overwhelm and exhaustion.