For some clients, workouts and session plans are not quite enough to tackle your current habits surrounding health and fitness. For you, 1 on 1 online coaching may be the answer

Holistic Approach

Stress, hydration, sleep, time organisation, work life balance and building a healthy relationship with food are just some of the topics I cover with clients, to ensure a sustainable, personalised programme is created.

Bespoke Programme

Weekly video calls are booked at a time convenient to you, setting realistic short-term goals and discussing the struggles that are most important to you

        App available in iOS and android
        Notification reminders for habits or activities planned
        Everything all in one place
        Food diary availability
        Track your activity or exercise completed
        Workouts or activities scheduled on the inbuilt calendar
        Record weight, body measurements and progress photos
        Videos and descriptions available of all exercises or stretches, and the ability to record your exercise to check your form